Monday, January 10, 2011

Two January Challenges

That's right.  I've committed to two challenges this month.  

The first started January 1.  I'm going on a spending hiatus.  I've allowed myself $100 in spending money for them month.  That includes any money for going out with friends, any eating out, MUNI fares, basically anything that I don't *have* to buy!  So far, I've spent $7.00 on a burrito and taquitos (I was out with the family, but still didn't think that I needed to buy it) and $6.56 on carrier oil for some essential herbs.  Neither were necessary and now, I'm slightly worried that I'll not have enough for the next few weekends.  You see, I'm going to the Yoga Journal Conference next weekend and to a meditation retreat the following weekend.  To make it through this challenge, I'll have to bring food from home AND refrain from buying stuff.  Argh!  What was I thinking?

The second challenge started today.  I'm participating in the 21-day yoga challenge from Yoga Journal.  I went online tonight and tried to watch the first sequence.  Unfortunately, it was taking forever to load, so I abandoned it and did a short sequence from a Cyndi Lee book that I have checked out from the library.  It felt like cheating because I know I didn't challenge myself.  But, I did practice for 15 minutes.

If anyone out there is reading this, did you give yourself any challenges this January?  How's it going?


Natalie said...

My Meniere's disease is wrecking havoc. So, I'm doing a very modified GAPS diet. I've cut out caffeine, sugar (except a bit of GMO-free Xylitol), most dairy, GRAINS (that's a biggie), and alcohol. If this doesn't help, I'll have to go full on GAPS. Research it if you have a chance. It's HELL. The foodie in me has a broken heart just thinking about it. And, I don't even know if it will work!! It's a try-an-see type thing.

Good luck with your challenges!

sf mom said...

Natalie: I did a cleanse for 3 weeks that sounds very similar to your GAPS diet. I had herbal supplements, but had no caffeine (my coffee!), dairy (not even yogurt), wheat (no bread or pasta), meat, fruit, or sugar. The hardest part was not having coffee. I love coffee. I felt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G afterwards and look forward to doing it again in the spring.

I did this cleanse at the recommendation of my Ayurvedic practitioner. I feel great after working with her for the past 6 months or so.

Good luck. I do hope this works for you.

Natalie said...

Trish, I need to find someone to help me out a bit. Matt doesn't really support holistic treatments and either does the military (Tricare). So, it's out of pocket and I know they can be pricey. It's why I haven't dived in. But, I want to! I'm hoping the vestibular specialist I get referred to does holistic meds. Many Germany physicians do. Here's hoping! When a clinic that my insurance company pays for does it, they will pay. Like, they pay for acupuncture in labor - which is an option at many hospitals here instead of epidural, etc.

I'm doing a very modified GAPS and I haven't done the intro - which is mostly bone broth and veggies (bone marrow too) for a couple weeks to a couple months. However, most Meniere's patients just go low-sodium, caffeine, alcohol and sugar-free for LIFE. I'm hoping I NEVER get that bad.

I had to cut out caffeine months ago b/c it was making my ears ring too loudly. I drink Teeccino now and LOVE it. It's gluten free - but has barely, so it's the only "grain" product I have right now. No spelt, rye, rice, wheat, etc. I have a friend who wants us over for dinner but has no idea what to cook for me right now. It's very frustrating. But, it is making me feel better. The only dairy I have right now is raw milk and yogurt. But, I'll probably just switch to coconut milk and cut out the yogurt. I can make Teeccino lattes w/coconut milk - YUM. Teeccino will be the last to go if I continue with flare-ups. I just can't give up my two cups a day. I mean, it's not all barely! There's chicory, almonds, etc. It can't be that bad for me, right?? :)