Thursday, January 06, 2011

How would I use free yoga gear in 2011?

Well, to practice yoga, duh!  :)

I purchased 3 pair of Zobha pants a few weeks ago: the evolve pant, essential pant, and wide leg pant.  I couldn't be happier with my purchases.  I wear the wide-leg pants several times a week to pick up the kids from school, run errands, basically, I wear them everywhere!  The evolve pant is my preferred pant over the essential, not because I don't like the essential pant, but because that extra seam/stitch highlights just the right area:) and I feel amazing in them.  Is it okay to say they make my butt look great?  Well, they do, and I swear it's the pants...hehehe.

I did notice that the long pants make me way too hot in my yoga class.  I aim to take at least one vinyasa flow class at The Laughing Lotus Yoga Center weekly.  It would be cool to get the evolve pant in capri.  Then, all of my problems would be solved!  So that answers question one.  Capri evolve pants = much cooler in yoga class!

Next up, I love the look of the Vivien tank.  Not only is it stylish (I could say that about every piece offered by Zobha) but I like the higher neckline.  I don't like to feel like the girlies are going to fall out when I'm upside-down!  The Annette tunic (or asymmetrical ruched pullover or asymmetrical zip pullover) would round out the outfit to stylish perfection.  Just what I need in transport to and from class.

The carrier and eye pillow would be the perfect lagniappe! (in Cajun-speak that means "a little bit extra") 

 Everyone knows that I talk and talk and talk about things that I love.  I've enjoyed the quality and style of my Zobha gear and would enjoy sporting any of these pieces.

If any of you friends out there reading this think you'd like to try out Zobha gear, you should check them out at  Or better yet enter this contest yourself.  Trust me.  You'll love it.

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