Friday, January 14, 2011

More Yoga

I spent the day today at the Yoga Journal conference.  I am amazed at how lucky I am.  I got to meet and attend an all day intensive with Cyndi Lee.  Here's a picture of us:
 I especially wanted to meet her and take a class with her because she has studied meditation and Buddhism in the same lineage that I have been studying for the past year and half.  It was a grounding experience for me.  Yoga and meditation practice may sound like they go hand in hand (and they do), but it was especially interesting to hear both practices taught together.  Really, it was pretty special and also normal and inspiring.  Like being in awe when you meet a celebrity, but then realizing that they are just like you.  Well, it was kinda sorta like that, expect Cyndi is a bit further along the path than me.

Tomorrow I get to take classes with Seane Corne, Sharon Gannon and Gary Kraftsow.  Can I just say again how lucky I am?

Checking in on my 2 challenges I posted about a few days ago:
1)  21-day yoga challenge.  I've yet to follow one of the online classes that Yoga Journal has been emailing me daily.  I can't get them to play on my computer and I don't have to patience to try to figure it out.  I practiced asana every day this week except for yesterday.  Since essentially this is a 21-day yoga asana challenge, I've already broken the challenge.  But, I'm gonna let myself slide and make sure that I keep it up from now on.
2)  Since the last post, I've spent $2.00.  And that was because Larry didn't want to come and pick me up tonight, so I took the bus home.  This is going to be exceedingly more difficult as the weekend progresses because there are sooooo many cool things that I want from the Yoga Journal marketplace.  Books, clothes, a new mat, essential oils, jewelry.  You know most of the stuff was easy to walk away from, but the books....ah, that's another story.  I'm going to stay very far away from there for the next 2 days.  I even brought my lunch and snacks for the day.  It was delicious, convenient, and clearly easy on the wallet.

More yoga tomorrow....yippee!

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