Monday, August 07, 2006

The Price of Bottled Water

OK. I normally try not to buy water. It's a pet-peeve. I don't like to buy water and I don't like to pay to park; both should be a God-given right!! However, I was traveling Friday through the San Francisco airport and wanted some water. More so, I wanted the bottle to keep with me throughout the day. (I'm trying to stay hydrated:) I went to one of the coffee shops and when the cashier rang up the bottle, I almost had a stroke! They wanted $4.15 for 1-liter of water. I seriously did a double take and asked him if he was serious. When he didn't even bat an eyelash, I quickly put it back and said no thanks. I got my exercise walking back and forth to the water fountain.

Lesson of this story: ALWAYS carry my refillable water bottle!


Hammer said...

Bottled water is convenient and in some places like where I live tap water tastes like it's been filtered through underwear.

I go to the discount store and get an entire case of bottled water for $3.99 only problem is all the waste it generates.

sf mom said...

@hammer: I hear you. I'm sitting her in a hotel drinking bottled water because I just can't bear the thought of drinking water from the tap. I just feel better drinking from water fountains or my home tap (at least I know what's in SF water.) Maybe I shouldn't?

What about buying water in the big jugs and refilling a water bottle? That would allow you "clean" water without all of the waste. I know it's not ideal in all situations, but it's a thought :)