Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Start of Preschool

About 2 weeks ago, ES started preschool at a Cooperative Nursery School here in the City. She absolutely loves it, so much so that she quizzes us before we drop her off about exactly how long we will be there before we leave! She's only 3.5 she can't want to be rid of her parents already!!!

She's doing very well. She easily makes friends and loves the art projects, playing outside, and show and tell. The only side effect we've been dealing with is her tired and cranky attitude once she gets home! She's there 3 days a week from 1p-5p. Last week was the first week of being there for the whole 4 hours. We are still working on a new bedtime routine to try to get her down fairly quickly (like around 7:30ish)

I love that she is enjoying it. She was so ready!

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Natalie said...

I'm so happy to read this! Go ES!

Olivia loves school. And, I'm still in shock b/c she is totally immersed! Just after one month, and only a few hours a day, she answers her teachers questions in English(asked in Portuguese) and they have her repeat back in Portuguese. She has several friends (they run up to her when we drop her off). She's doing great and BEGS BEGS BEGS to stay all day and sleep there. Which, I let her do on Monday's b/c she has ballet class there after naps.

They are such little grown ups, aren't they! Bittersweet!