Sunday, September 14, 2008

Relaxing Sunday

I'm very excited to stay home and relax today. Yesterday was much of the same. I have been super busy these past few months and I'm working on letting go of some of these responsibilities and projects that have required my attention. Along the way, I've thought about blogging about them, but when I have a few quiet moments in the evening, I find that I don't want to be on the computer.

I WILL blog about them. I like to share what's happening with all of you, but mostly, because I like to look back at my blog as a history of some of the things we've done.

So for lack of time (I'm already being beckoned by Miss ES) I want to give myself this to-do list:

Things to Blog About:
1) The $100,000 grant my neighborhood group got to remodel a city-owned hillside at the end of our street. I have great before and after photos.
2) Our trip to New York. Maplestone Farm, WinChris Estates, and The Boulevard House.
3) ES starts preschool on Thursday, the 18th!
4) Our family job at the preschool
5) From way back when....the Women in Business Mixer I went to many weeks ago sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.
6) Knitting and Sewing projects.
7) CSA Box
8) This cool party I won at Sports Basement.
9) Our participation in the neighborhood garden tour.
10) Our Thrift Store addiction.

That's enough for now. If I get through all of these posts in a timely fashion, I will be very lucky!

This photo was taken on Koh Samui, Thailand during our honeymoon in December 2005.

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