Saturday, May 31, 2008

My new MacBook

I am so excited. I've just received my very first "real" computer. According to my friend, JR, I've now entered the real world of technology. Apparently, everyone he knows who has purchased an Apple computer has been enlightened and are now drinking the company kool-aid. I won't say that I'm thirsty just yet, but maybe by the next MacWorld in January 2009, I'll be singing a different tune.

I must say, it is uber-cool! It's so cute and white and pretty.

I'm using it now; still getting used to the differences from the PC. Some day, hopefully soon, I'll be sending out DVD's of the girls so that their grandparents and family can watch them grow. I'm also looking forward to the photo applications and learning how to more easily get them here. I'm even stepping into the tech world and downloading podcasts onto my iPod shuffle to listen to while I run. Yup, I finally got an iPod too, that's thanks to my current employer, thanks Papa BB.

It feels like Christmas around here!


Natalie said...

I so wanted a MacBook. And, I'm so jealous.

Matt wouldn't let us get one b/c the ARMY only uses PC's. Whatever isn't compatible with the Army way, he won't use/buy, etc. I love that he Army rules my life in so many ways (read: sarcastic).

Someday, I'll have a job again...

You've entered the Ipod world. I'm loving mine for my music, kids music, kids books, my books (many libraries let you rip their books to listen to on your Ipod - you may want to check into that), and want to start using it for Podcasts too. I love my new stereo/speaker docking station. It's not a Bose but it's good enough for me! I'm thinking of selling all of our CD's (once I have all our music ripped, backed-up and stored in a fireproof safe) to save space and completely enter the download world.

sf mom said...

L was opposed to getting an Apple computer too, but he was overruled for this one. To be fair, I should say that he came around prior to the purchase, but still I was set on it....

It does take a while to get used to. Things are different, but I am really loving it. Of course, my friend JR is totally helping me out. He's my Mac Guru.

I only have a Shuffle iPod right now and I'm having the darn-dest time getting it to work properly. Of course, I could read the directions, but who has the time:)

L has ripped all of our CDs at the highest quality bit-rate (is that the right term) and is slowly getting rid of our CD collection. I'm listening to some music, but I'm more interested in podcasts. I loves me some Oprah!

Natalie said...

Ahh, Oprah has a podcast? I didn't know this!

My Ipod hit the pooper. My friend, Laura, brought it to a Genius Bar in PA and the guy had never seen an Ipod do what mine did (read: cannot fit it). So, he offered me the new Nano at 10% off. We'll see. I'm using Matt's right now. Funny, he didn't like his Ipod until he noticed the girls and I were using it for our books and music...

Can you get L to tell me about bit-rates? I have burned a bunch of CD's onto Itunes and backed them up onto a CD just in case...but, do I need a really good quality CD or a specific option when ripping onto Itunes?