Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another goof up

I am ususally the most diligent, up-to-date organized person. However, lately, I've done some major goof ups when it comes to my finances. I wrote about one the other day, and now I must confess to another.

I was booking my flight to Louisiana in January to visit my family. I don't know what I was thinking, but I put the wrong dates. I confirmed, reconfirmed, pressed the button of no return and then when I was reading the confirmation email 5 minutes later, I realized that I put in the wrong dates! I quickly called my credit card company, the airline, and then finally the online search company where I bought the tickets ( The tickets were already purchased, so the guy in customer service at helped me out. He was VERY kind and helped me get the right dates; however, I still had to pay $140 extra. We had to cancel the previous reservation and book another one and, of course, the other dates had a change in fare, so I had to pay the difference plus a $35 change fee. I hemmed and hawed for about 5 minutes and then just booked the new ticket. $140 was worth an extra 5 days with my family. I just screwed up and it was my own damn fault!! Arrgghh!! When am I going to get my act together?

I pledge to meditate, pray, run, walk or do yoga each day to bring back my sanity!!!

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