Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I want to get away

A vacation. Alone. By myself. I just did a quick search of the internet for flights and decided that going to see my family or going to meet other family in Vegas next weekend just can't happen right now. When it's all said and done, it'll be $500 (or probably more). I can't justify the expense just because I'm feeling crabby right now and want to escape from it all.

Maybe I'll just take a couple of yoga classes this weekend, or escape to the museum by myself, or take a really, really long walk in the park, or find one of those meditation classes I've been thinking of going to lately. I need something. I need me time.

What do you do when you have a life full of responsibilities and you just need a break? Lend a girl a hand and help me out here:) BTW, while an escape to a spa would seem ideal, I don't think it's very economical. What would you do instead?


BA Blogger said...

I found your site from

What I do that feel almost like going on a little vacation is using a hot tub. I'm in the east bay and I go to piedmont springs or albany hot tubs. I'm sure if you're in the city there are similar places there. It's cheap, and feels great. I just wrote a post about this on my site recently (let's see if I can link to it:

Other things I do to "get away": swim at a public pool on a hot day (havn't had too many of those lately though), take a hike--literally, go to a museum, go on a mini day trip to another part of the bay area and go to a park, bookstore, lunch, museum, etc.

Other things I do: spend the day window shopping, go to the beach, see a play at community theater, get dressed up for a nice lunch/dinner.

Maybe you'd enjoy getting a massage? Or, what about staying one night in a nice local hotel? I have A LOT of these getaway ideas for myself. Hope some of these helped.

I try to write about suggestions for things to do on my site if you want to check it out (there's not a ton of stuff on there yet but there will be) and you just gave me a good topic for a future post--thank you, and good luck getting away from it all! (p.s. A hot bath with a good magazine is a good quick get away too.)

Kimber said...

I read.
Reading is my escapism.
Like mental travel.
I like a good, hot romance novel where I am guaranteed a happy, upbeat, love conquers all ending.