Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Follow Up from the Weekend

I know, I know, it's Wednesday morning and I'm just getting around to an update from my Friday post. I'm absolutely amazed that moms who work full-time and mom full-time can keep up with everything. I've said it before, ad naseum, and I'll say it again that I'm inspired by these organized, super-moms!

We had a WONDERFUL family weekend. SF dad, sf babe and me (sf mom) had a fun-filled weekend of gratis activities. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the aptly named FOGG Fest. We saw a pretty cool new band named Shantytown. We planned to see them because they were billed as a southern rock, New Orleans-style band. They reminded me a bit of the Black Crowes with a definite New Orleans influence. It was crazy because it was overcast, a bit cold, and there were maybe 30 people in the audience. They jammed the second stage. We didn't mind because our daughter ran around, danced a bit, and we enjoyed the music. Later on, we rocked out with The Donnas. They are a very young, all female, highly punk/heavy-metal influenced band. We've been fans for years, so it was nice to see the girls again. SF babe (ie. my daughter) enjoyed it very much. We stayed far back in the crowd to perserve her hearing:) I'm proud to say that although I was tempted with the New Orleans dishes available at the food booths, we passed on spending money and ate our PB&Js and organic cheese nips. (I was born and raised in Southern Louisiana so I always drool for good southern cooking!)

We also followed our no-purchasing-food-or-souvenirs game-plan at the Giants/Dodgers baseball game on Sunday. And, I tell you, it was waaaayy tempting to not buy kettle corn, or pizza, or garlic fries. It smelled sooooo good! The Giants lost :(, but sf babe had a good time. She even got a certificate from Guest Services commemorating her first Giants Baseball Game. It's cute and will be a keepsake for her baby album:)

I'm proud of me, and us, this weekend. We had QT with the family and introduced sf babe to many of the fun things we like to do in the city. I hope that she grows up cultural and frugal!

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