Saturday, July 15, 2006

The start of my E-fund account

It's official. I've entered the Online Savings world. I got my password from HSBC in the mail today, logged in, and ta-da, I see my accounts! This is the start of my E-fund and while it only has $10.00 for the initial start-up, I can't wait to see it grow.

I actually have 2 HSBC online savings account. One is set up for my daughter. My mom has been depositing a small amount per month into a savings account at her local credit union in Louisiana. After her recent visit, I convinced her to move it over to an online account that will increase her dividends 10-fold. It really was ridiculous to see her get $1.00 in dividends for the year. Of course, there isn't a lot of money in there, but still! :)

I'm pretty proud of us. I've learned a few things by reading other blogs and I've already incorporated them into our life. The key now is to continue to stay focused! More on that soon...I want to publish some financial goals to keep me on track.

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Blaine Moore said...

I have accounts at HSBC and at Emigrant Direct.

I liked Emigrant before their new website came out; while the new website is certainly more functional, it is too much of a pain to log into it in the first place. They went with super strong security, which is nice if you care but I do not have the patience to worry that much.

Especially since the real problems are from people leaving things laying around or from an employee laptop going missing rather than somebody trapping an account in process of logging in.