Friday, July 14, 2006

Can I really do this? My initial public offering...

I've finally gotten the courage to start this blog. I'm not a shy person, but there is something intimidating about starting an online journal. Perhaps I don't want criticism, hmmm.

I've been reading other personal finance blogs for the past month or so. Reading about other people's financial journeys is fascinating to me. Rather than reading dry articles about IRAs and 401(k) plans, I'd much prefer to read about the life experiences of other "real" people. It's one of the reasons I CONTSTANTLY talk about money. My husband tells me that none of my friends wants to hear me blab on and on about money and that I really should keep to myself. I find that I'm talking about it all of the time because I want to pick their brains about where they are investing money for their kids college savings and how much they have in an emergency fund, etc. I hope that joining this online community will connect me with like-minded people who are obsessed (ahem--interested) in personal finance. (and hopefully, help me keep my friends:)

Since I've been reading personal finance blogs, I've learned a few things about me:

1) I NEED an emergency fund. I don't have any liquid money available. If we get a wrench thrown into our plans, we are SOL!
2) I have to stop carrying credit card balances. I tend to pay them off rather quickly, but not quick enough to not pay interest.
3) I've compiled a spreadsheet with our net worth and found out that we are not doing so badly.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, stories, and financial goals. I hope to learn a lot, laugh, stay out of credit card debt, save more money, increase our net worth, and find contentment with regards to my relationship with money.

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ricemutt said...

Congrats and welcome! Always nice to have another blogger join the PF fun. :)