Friday, March 04, 2011


Ahh, spring.  Thank you for making your way here.  Even though I'm dosing up on echinacea, herbs, honey and tea, I still think that I'm coming down with a cold.  Perhaps it'll be fleeting.  I sure hope so.

I feel like I need to follow up my last post with an update.  All is well.  Really.  This week was back to normal.  I went to work, attended our monthly preschool meeting, practiced yoga.  Besides the small illness, it was perfect-ly normal.  I'm beginning to enjoy that.  Really.  :)

Last week, I visited with a childhood friend.  While I was there (she lives in SoCal,) I asked to make an appointment with her friend who is a hypnotherapist.  My friend suggested it several times over the past couple of years because of my desire to end my CPD (I promise not to talk about that in EVERY post, but it couldn't be avoided.)  This time I was ready.  As I previously stated, I want to end my addiction and this is just one tool in my arsenal to equip myself. 

I didn't know what it would be like.  I didn't discuss the details of the session prior to getting there, nor did I do research about it online.  Part of me wanted to experience it with a fresh, open mind.  I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but I was in the most relaxed state that I've ever been in.  In.  My.  Life.  I don't feel the blood pulsing through my body any more.  If I begin a nervous habit, when I catch myself, I can stop it.  By no means do I want you to think this was a panacea for all of my issues.  Ha!  If I could be so lucky.  But it now provides me another option for relaxing.  I feel like it was a missing piece of the puzzle.

Life does feel more calm.  This too, I know, is a part of life.  Just like the craziness.  Calm.  Crazy.  Calm.  Calm.  Calm.


Natalie said...

You can write about your CPD as often as you like! I like reading about it. Though, since I have the same problem, you have me wondering if I should be more upset about it. As I've mentioned earlier, I go through stages - a recent pregnancy scare (it ended up being NO big deal at all - but, until I got it checked, I was scared) had me picking my arms, back, face, etc. But, since it's generally fleating, I don't give it much thought - but, maybe it's something I should focus on much more. It's a problem that everyone in my immediate family has and I wouldn't want to pass it on to my daughters' too! Thanks for getting me to think about it more seriously!

sf mom said...

Nat: Release the "shoulds" immediately! Perhaps we can both just become more aware and end the obsessive part of it...together. I'm grateful for your support. Thanks.