Monday, February 07, 2011


I've been knitting for a few years now.  It doesn't seem like it has been that long, but if I really think about it it's probably been 3 years or so.  I love knitting.  It's relaxing and calming to my nervous system.  Even though I follow others patterns, I still feel very creative and inspired when I knit.  It's pretty darned amazing that I can take a piece of string and turn it into something beautiful.

I knitted and felted* this bag a couple of years ago.  I lined the inside of the bag and the strap with fabric.  I used the bag for a few months and all of my stitches started to come out.  When it started to look too ragged, I put it in my closet and vowed to fix it later.  Later never came.  I decided to employ my local seamstress and asked her to repair all of my stitching and to add the fabric flower to the front.  I love how it came out!  I finally get to use my bag again. 

*I know that it's technically not called felting.  But I can't remember what it IS called.  A quick Google search wasn't coming up with it either.
You can see a little of the lining and strap in this photo.

I recently took photos of a few other projects too.  Here they are:

Bonus:  Knitting occupies my hands, keeps them busy, so I don't continue bad habits like my CPD!  Today was the 6th day of my habit changing challenge.

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laura said...

I love your grey bag! I believe it is felted. The lining and flower make it look so professional. All of your knitting is beautiful, and it's great that it's helping you change your habits. Keep up the good work!