Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2.5 months, really?

Has it really been that long since I've blogged? I'm amazed. I've managed to blog a couple of times on our neighborhood blog and also updated the Fiskar's blog (also for the neighborhood group, but I haven't gotten around to updating here. Honestly, I completely forgot about it. Oops, what is that saying about my commitment or rather my contentment?

The family is doing well. I'm in a guilt-ridden stage of not being a good mother, so I've been working on being calm, not yelling, and spending more quality time with my girls, ES particularly. ES is a sweet girl who loves to play with her worm farm while wearing a tutu and high heels. She's all girl, but has no problem getting her hands dirty! CC is talking now. Still mostly baby talk that only I can understand, but hey, my baby is TALKING. Bot = bottle in CC speak. And yes, I'm still giving her a bottle; I just don't want to go through the crying and 3 hour bed time fight like we did with ES, so yes, I'm giving in to the bottle. Surely, she won't go off to kindergarten with it, right? :)

Larry is doing well too. He is working out at a mixed martial arts gym about 3 times a week and he loves it. He's active with the girls so the exercise helps him keep up! He's getting his motorcycle out of the shop in the next few days, so I'm sure I'll be hearing requests for time to go out and ride. He is enjoying his poker games once a month and of course gets out to as many concerts as he can (he's off seeing Green Day tonight.)

I'm doing well too. I've been slacking off on exercise for the past 3 weeks and I feel it! I keep saying I'm going to get back into it, but the motivation has found me yet:) Work is going well; I ended the first quarter well above 100% to plan. That was a huge relief. We are always busy with ES preschool. We are now busy planning the adult social party which will be on Saturday, May 2nd. We have every single weekend booked from now until the second weekend in June. And even then, Larry will be preparing to leave for his camping trip the following weekend. It's crazy, but I've realized that this is just how it is. We are always going to be busy and I just have to exercise to help keep my energy level up!

I'm still finding ways to do "my thing" too. I've read 3 great books these past couple of weeks. I'm knitting; currently, I'm only knitting one project: leg-warmers for ES. I've been trying to catch up on sleep too. And, wow, look at the time! I hope it's not another 2 months before I'm back on here, but if it is, you'll know that we've been busy with the co-op...or planning the next event for GNG (www.gngcore.blogspot.com)...or playing with my girls.


Natalie said...

I would love reviews of your books-but, actually, you kind of did that on Goodreads. I'm adding them to my list! They sound great.

We are so busy too. Friends currently, Ireland end of the month, then girls wknd in Evora, and then Matt is gone a lot before we move. If we make it to the Algarve, we'll be lucky. URGH.

I'm still exercising, but finding it hard to eat really well (okay, I've been cooking - so the food is unprocessed and mostly local - but I've been eating too much b/c I'm a social eater). So, eating too much will sap the energy right out of you too. Back on track this week as only Mick is here for now.

Guilt-ridden mom here too.

Anonymous said...

I would love to do a family session for you all next time I'll be in SF/Fremont! I am shooting a wedding in Placerville on July 25th and am planning on driving out to stay with a friend in Pleasanton fo a week after that. Please do keep in touch! A good book I just read was An Unlikely Disciple (about this dude that transferred from Brown University to attend that Christian school that Jerry Fallwell set up in Va.. I forget what it was called already!) but it was great. Just bought "The Family Man" last night so will start reading it when I fly off to Philly for a wedding gig!

S.J.Huffman said...

I believe we are as opposite as opposite can be, but I see that you like to read, and I am close to finishing a short story...and it does look like we both strive for contentment and like beck ;)