Thursday, July 27, 2006

The one thing I learned in college

I took a Personal Finance class in college. The one (and only) thing I remember from that class was about saving money. My professor said that if we saved 20% of the money we made, no matter how much money we made, we would retire millionaires.

I got a job the summer after I graduated from college in medical sales. I was lucky. Looking back on it, it was like winning the lottery. I worked like mad, made a lot of money, and spent that much more. My saving, no pun intended, grace was that I immediately started saving into my 401(k). Out of sight, out of mind. That's how I felt about that money. I still do. After 9 years (minus 6 months, when I quit my company, but then came back!), I've gotten about $130K in there. Not too shabby for a 30-something year old. I still contribute diligently.

Back to that Personal Finance class. I was purging some old files yesterday and found my college transcripts. I made a B in that class. Humph, I didn't do so badly, but I still have a few things to learn:)

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