Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Creative Christmas Gifts

We spend a lot of money on gifts: Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, host/hostess gifts. The great thing is that we are pretty darn generous when it comes to giving gifts. I'm learning from my mother-in-law to start early and search the sales! Well, this year, I've decided to make bags/purses as Christmas gifts.

A few years ago, my mom decided to start making cloth purses after she saw a cute one at an Arts and Crafts booth. My mom is pretty creative. She made a pattern from scratch, bought material from the clearance racks, and voila she made a gorgeous bag! I was impressed. Well, several years later, after I swore that I would NEVER own a sewing machine, I got mom to teach me her tricks. So far, I've made 3 bags on my own. I plan on giving one to my friend as a diaper bag (ok, I'm cheating here, this one mom made as she was teaching me:). I'll give one to my mother-in-law and the others to friends.

The cool thing is that mom taught me how to be thrifty. If you frequent the fabric store, you are bound to find fabulous fabrics and supplies on SALE. Since you only need about 1 yard per bag, you can make a bag with all of the trimmings for under $10.00 each. The sweat equity and personal touches are the best part about giving gifts. I'd much prefer a gift that is unique, hand-crafted, and designed specifically with me in mind. Maybe I'm old-fashioned:)

If I find other cute sale items over the next few months that I think would be perfect for my friends, I can always included them in the pockets of the bags. I'm so proud of them. What do you think? Would you or someone you know like this bag?


Single Ma said...

Those bags are beautiful! I want one!

udandi said...

Thanks for answering on my QotD!

I do like those bags! Patchwork-inspired items seem to be very popular these days :)